Dave Martin’s Ford 351C 6V Carburetion Setup For Sale-Complete-$6500.00-October, 2018

Hi Mike,
We’ve talked a couple times over the years but I have a Daytona Coupe replica with a 351C and one of the ultra rare tri-power intakes. You and Joe helped me debug a problem a while back on it. It ran fantastic on the engine/car for the last 5-6 years and I’ve loved it. Once dialed in it beats the heck out of a Holley 750HP. I’m selling the Coupe and have put it back to a 4bbl – which is how it’s registered here in California – and I am selling my 351C tri-power setup, $6500.00. 
Carbs are reworked New model Mopar units off of a 340 6pack and I’ve added a custom bracket for an electric choke – along with the hand painted air cleaner.

Dave Martin   daytonaman351@gmail.com
(818)439-8236 cell