Joe Bunetic-The Ford 6V CZAR-St Louis Area

Joe Bunetic, 65 concord Drive, Fair View Heights, Illinois 62208 618 397-3580  or 618 402-5062 Cell for Ford Holley 6V Carburetors, intakes and parts, plus Restorations & custom Holley carburetor work. Joe buys and sells Ford Holley 6v Carburetion for Fords, offers used and fully restored setups fro sale. He is the premier Ford Holley Tri-Power(6V) Guy in the country. No web page or e-mail. He does Text via his cell phone. Telephone is the preferred means of contact with Joe. Call day or evening. He is also a 427SOHC Expert as well as buying selling these parts. Does outstanding work.




Rick Walker 1347 Teton Drive, El Cajon, Ca 92021 619 449-8018, 619 544-8213 pager for Rick; E-mail Rick does Holley carburetors, restoration, rebuilding, all types including Ford 6V carburetion. Rick has done several Ford 351 Cleveland 6V setups and restorations. Long time San Diego Holley carburetor expert, local circle track engine builder/racer and former local auto parts store owner. He carries a full complement of Holley parts, gaskets etc. needed for restoration and rebuilding Holley carbs. He like Joe does outstanding work.Carl’s Ford Parts Homeworth, Ohio

http://www.obrientruckers.comDennis O’Brien’s O’Brien Truckers in Mass make the only individual Ford Holley 2300 6V carburetor air cleaners in the US. They are pictured below and on the cover of the technical bulletin and come polished. They are not only made for Ford 6V Holley 2300 Carburetors, but are made as well for Corvette and Mopar Holley 2300 SixPac 6V carburetors. Dennis O’Brien can be reached via the web and e-mail or by telephone at 508 248-1555

Tony Branda Ford Holley 6V air cleaners Branda sells air cleaner assemblies whole as well as parts, such as just a top or just a bottom.


Bob Mannel’s Small Block Ford Manual-Best book ever written on the Ford Small Block Windsor V-8 Engine



Phil Fish for Mopar SixPac Carburetion help Phil Fish is a the Mopar Six Pac Guru…If you are looking for assistance with Mopar Holley 2300 Carburetors and the overall SixPac Packages, try his website above or drop him an e-mail at .
Fish Automotive Inc
634 east Alquina road
Connersville, IN 47331-3248  (765) 825-6607