Ford Galaxy style 6V aluminum intake manifold with most probably Ford Holley List 2436/2437 series Model 2300 carburetors. This setup only available from your Ford Parts counterman. Never came on a car from the factory. The top plate represents the Galaxy style top plate. This one is different from the Thunderbird which has the notch for the Ford Flag emblem. The third different top plate came only on SBF 6Vs.

Ford Small block Windsor 6V aluminum intake, Buddy Barr Casting with Ford Holley List 2881/2882 series model 2300 carburetors. This was one of two Ford SBF 6Vs made for the HiPo 289 while the other series was made for the Windsor 260 V-8. The air cleaner top which came on both small block setups is different in top design from the Thunderbird and Galaxy top plates. The second picture shows a original SBF 6V top plate.

Ford 351C Interchangeable Intake Manifold with the 6V top plate. Intake manifold came with four different top plates for different types of carburetors. Designed and built by Shelby.

Ford BOSS429 6V Carburetion-Gary Poling’s BOSS429 6V in his Black BOSS429 Mustang-Uses the same combination of carburetors as the Ford 429SCJ 6V Intake.

1961-63 Ford Thunderbird FE 390 6V with most likely Holley List 2436/2437 Series Holley 2300s. Notice how flat and flow the Ford 6V intake manifold is for the Thunderbird application.  Notice the air cleaner top with the notch for the Thunderbird Flag. Only T-Bird 6Vs came with this top plate.

A very rare picture of a Ford BOSS302 6V aluminum intake manifold, Buddy Barr Casting, made to fit with special heads for the overall application. Carburetion was on of the five Ford Holley 2300 6V carburetion setups. Never went to production. This intake would have a Ford “SK” number for this reason.

Ford 351Cleveland 6V Intake & Carburetion-either Mopar or Corvette 3X2 carburetors with side hung fuel bowls only due to spacing.

Bare 351C 6V intake manifold and on the right, a bare 429SCJ 6V intake manifold. Ford 429SCJ 6V Carburetion-Holley List 4782/83 3×2 carbs or any MOPAR or Corvette 3X2 Carburetors may be used-Spacing the same for 429 SCJ & BOSS429 as well as MOPAR SIXPAC and Corvette 3X2 arrangements. Air Cleaners are interchangeable between all four intakes.

Ford 429SCJ 6V aluminum Intake manifold, Buddy Barr Casting with Holley List 4872/4873 Series model 2300 carburetors, Edelbrock linkage. Carburetors flow 1355CFM in total. Both intakes have Ford “SK” numbers since Ford never went to production on this item.