1970-71 Ford 429CJ Rochester 4V Divorced (Pull-Down) Choke Assembly-Ford 429SCJ 6V Intake Manifold Divorced (Pull-Down) Choke Assembly


Pictures from Tim Smathers of his personal 1970 Torino 429CJ with divorced choke

Ford Master Part Manual 1965-71 Page 2042 Divorced (Pull-Down)Choke Listing Highlighted

D0OZ-9848-1 Divorced Choke LIsting Ford Parts Manual Page 2042




The original Ford divorced choke is a “Pull-Down” choke meaning the coil spring as it heats pulls down, pulling the rod attached to the carburetor choke plate down which opens the choke plate fully in the carburetor. Holley 2300s in the 66-70 Corvette 427 3×2 2300 carburetor 3×2 setup work in this manner (require a pull-down choke coil) as did the Rochester 4V carburetor associated with the 1970-71 429 CJ only.

The rare alum Ford 429SCJ 6V alum intake manifold is designed to use the original factory ford stove tube attached to the intake with the 1970-71 Ford 429CJ divorced choke part number D0OZ-9848-A attached above the stove tube on the intake manifold. I believe the factory rod which connects the divorced choke to the Rochester 4V carburetor may not be long enough requiring a person to make a rod to fit between the Holley List 4782 carburetor choke plate and the actual divorced choke assembly, as is required when using an original 66-70 Corvette 427 3×2 divorced choke, which are readily available.