“1995-1999  is the new home for the old web page right here at  The new web site is up and running. Please click on the gerlecreek URL above and insure you bookmark it for any future returns you may require.   Any questions can be directed to me, Cdr Michael G. Brattland USN-Ret at . Should you find that our site is down and you need to contact us when our @gerlecreek e-mail is inop, try us at or these are my backup e-mail addresses for our domain.  For the curious people, Gerle Creek is located on the Georgetown Divide in the Eldorado National Forest, El Dorado County, Ca in the central Sierra Nevada Mountains and is plainly God’s Country. This is where the Brattland Family has had a US Forest Service Summer Home for over 44 years.  Thanks…… Mike Brattland”

The above listing was my basic website first created in January 1995 at in San Diego which included dialup internet access, an email account, and 5 or 8 MB website, . I kept my web page there till 1999 when I stepped up to a personal domain, which I hosted initially on a fraternity brother’s server in his apartment here in San Diego. I continued this till about 001 when I moved it to 1and1.

How did I write my initial web pages? I bought a book in December of 1994 which included a disc of basic software when combined with Word would allow you to write HTML webpages. It worked well and was the very early offering from Microsoft at the beginning ogf the web. They very quickly came out with a stand alone pice of software called Front Page which I continued to use along with FTP95. Front Page became Microsoft Expression Web 4. I also used Adobe Dreamweaver but much later, but have always preferred the Microsoft cut on old school websites, using it today to keep a couple old ones working in addition to their modern WordPress sites.

The original website had maybe three pages…a Home page, a contact/order information page and a page which listed in bullit format what was in the 60 page technical book along with professional reviews etc..There were no pictures since at the beginning I had to stay within 8 mb of the free space allotted me with my account. so it was all text in those days. I eventually moved since I needed more space, wanted pictures in it etc. which was not possible in the early hosting days.

The entire reason for the website was to try selling my technical book on Ford Multiple Carburetion which I wrote in 1991.  It was a good thought since I have used it through a number of different domains from 1995 through the present to share this technical information. My ad in Hemmings Motor News in early 1995 included my web page for the purchase of this information. I was among just a few people who were using the WWW to do this in 1995 including my dialup internet email for contact. I evolved from  to and eventually to today…….mgb