SBF 6V Accelerator Control Kits

Installation-Kit-Linkage-High Performance - 3-2V 7-14-65

Ford SBF 6V Accelerator Control Kits have not been available forever let alone in reproduction. Other than exisiting 6V kits on actual cars listed below, no official pictures or images are available except in the Ford diagram/drawing which originally came with the 6V Carburetion Kits over the counter from Ford. Use the gallery picture to blow it up. In it you can see that the Mustang type control kits listed below are basically the same shape as the now reproduced linkage control kits for the 289 2 and 4 Barrel Mustang from Scott Drake and available from Summit racing. These kit rods are 12.5 inches over all length and are basically identical with the 2 barrel rod having ever so slghtly different “Z” thype bend in the center. In mocking up this actual rod on my own Buddy Bar 6V, the length is just a little too short. this kit also fits the bill since if includes all the required clicps and pieces to properly connect it/ Also notice the L shaped rod engages the 6V linkage inside out.  I suspect that this rod needs to be around 13-15 inches to properly fit the SBF 6V in a Mustang.


John Lettner, the owner of a 1963 Ford Fairlane running a SBF 289 6V kindly shared pictures of his 1963-65 Ford fairlane 260/289 Accelerator Control Kit along with dimensions.   His kit acceleration Control Kit linkage rod is infact one and the same as the listed standard trasnmission kit for the 65-66 Mustang 6V. The images in the gallery below the discussion will all blow up.  As you can see,  it is  slightly longer than the repop 289 4 Barrel Accelerator Control Kit(12.5 inches) at 13 1/8 inches long. John’s rod is not correct for a 63-65 Fairlane or C4Z-9B843-A above or 1the 1963 Fairlane only 289 C40Z-6A603-! Accelerator Control Kit according to the Ford Fairlane expert, CDR Bob Mannel, USN (Ret.), Naval Aviator “Intruder Guy,” former Technical Editor of the Fairlane Club of America (FCA) and an expert on ’63 Fairlanes. Thanks to John for these pictures and details which will help many of you in the future. It is a correct Ford 1965-66 Mustang(S/T) 260/289 C5ZZ-9B843-A Accelerator Control Kit for the manual transmission version.

John Lettner’s accelerator control kit rod can be easily made using the diagram and dimensions above after purchasing about 20 inches of 3/16 inch diameter steel rod from your local metal supplier and using a simple bench vice, marking the straight rod to re-create the pictured rod using those dimensions for the bend. Break out your own 1/4×20 Die to add threads to the end of the rod. After making the bends, I cut the over all length down to about 15 inches and threaded with the die the last 3 inches of the rod. I bought the Scott Drake Accelerator control kit for both the Mustang 2 barrell and 4 barrell setups. After making my rod I used the other parts including the spring, bracket and connection pieces to bolt my accelerator control linkage up. You will need to buy some right handed Ford Trunnions for 3/16 rod since the Scott Drake kit comes only with the left handed trunnion. The the linkage connects correctly by the original ford installation instructions 1505 to the 6V linkage from the outside.  So you must have a right handed trunnion.  A left handed trunnion only allows you to connect the rod from the inside which would not be correct for this linkage in a typical Mustang and some Fairlane applications The FE 6V in the 1966-67 Fairlane with the FE390 uses the same Accelerator Control Kit as the fullsized Galaxies pictured to the left in orange and available from E-Bay/Galaxie Performance in reproduction. If your ’66/67 Fairlane is running a 289 with 6V this same kit should work with the SBF. 

Buying the Scott Drake 4 Barrel Linkage Control Kit might be just the trick since the Scott Drake Kit comes with a correct spring bracket and connection pieces so you can connect both ends of the throttle rod to your Ford 6V.


Ford Small Block Accelerator Control Kits Engine Size Part Number

Ford Make and Year Ford Engine Ford Part Number
1963 Falcon 260 C3DZ-9B843-A
1963-65 Fairlane 260/289 C40Z-9B843-A
1964-65 Falcon 260 C4DZ-9B843-A
1965-66 Mustang (S/T) 260/289 C5ZZ-9B843-A
1965 Mustang (Auto Trans) 260/289 C5ZZ-9B843-B
1966 Fairlane, Falcon (S/T) 289 C60Z-9B843-E
1966 Fairlane, Falcon (Auto
289 C60Z-9B843-E
1963 Fairlane 289 C40Z-6A603-A

Samples of actual Accelerator Control Kits in actual installations pictured below

Mustang SBF 289 6V Accelerator Control Linkage

Falcon SBF 260 6V Accelerator Control Linkage