This technical article was created to offer some background for car folks who need some answers regarding one of available Ford 302 Rear Sump Oil Pan from the 1979 to 1984 Econoline and F-100/F-150 Pickups where parts and information are no longer available new from your favorite Ford Parts Guy.
Ford made several 6 quart rear sump oil pans which would work on early Windsor block 289/302 motors which are pre-dipstick hole in the side of the actual block. One was the setup found on the early Bronco 289/302 which was a double hump rear sump oil pan of 6 quarts which came with the standard Ford pushin dipstick tube and dipstick. The early Bronco setup is very hard to find used and is basically only available new from a variety of early Bronco Parts folks such as Tom’s Bronco Parts and a few others.
One of the other 6 quart rear sump pan came on later Ford 302 engines in Econoline vans and F-100/F-150 pickups (1979-84) and is readily available in wrecking yards. This pan was a more traditional rear sump oil pan with screwin dipstick tube and dipstick, similar in look to the 351W and 429/460 6 quart rear sump oil pans which all come with a screwin dipstick tube and dipstick.

This Ford 302 6 Quart Rear Sump Oil Pan is found on 1979 -84 302 equiped Econoline vans and Ford F-100/F-150 pickup tructs.

The 6 quart oil pan above contrasts considerablly with the early Bronco 289/302 6 quart rear sump oil pan below

The difference in this early oil pan is it does not have a screwin dipstick tube in the side of the pan using a slide in disptick tube and the duble hump shape as well. The oil sump pickup tube or oil screen is similar but not the same as the later traditional 302 6 quart rear sump oil pan.  The early Bronco screen will not fit correctly or properly in the rear sump of the later 302 6 quart oil pan.

The above picture shows all the parts needed to convert an older 289/302 through 1984 block from a standard front sump 5 quart oil pan to a rear sump 6 quart oil pan whcih makes the installation of a small block Ford Windsor block in some early vehicle engine compartments or something with a Mustang II front suspension much easier. The following are a list of items required, including old Ford part numbers, etc.:
Ford 6 Quart Rear Sump Oil Pan including all the items pictured above-Found in 1979 to 1984 Ford Ecnoline and F-100/F-150 Pickups
Ford oil sump screen or oil pickup tube E0TZ-6622-A  /Sealed Power Part Number 224-13118

Ford 6 Quart Rear Sump Oil Pan Available new in aftermarket-Dorman Part Number 264-012
Ford Dipstick Part Number  E3ZE-6750-CA  24 1/16 inches long
Ford Special Main Bolt Bolt for attaching the oil screen under the rotating assembly-Still available from Ford Parts
Ford Screwin Dipstikc Tube  23 inches in length-This dipstick tube used in all Econoline Van applications, but would work as well in a pickup application or any street rod.

Picture of the screwin Dipstick tube installed into the Ford 302 6 quart rear sump oil pan showing the tip of the screwin dipstick tube along with the dipstick sticking through into the open pan.  The dipstick sticks past the end of the Ford screwin dipstick tube 1 1/8 inches…….See picture below

The Ford Screwin Dipstick tubes come in various lengths but the basic measurement is the same from the top of the nut to the bottom of the tube and this overall relationship is used on each of the Ford 6 quart rear sump oil pans with screwin dipstick tubes including the 302 , 351W and 429/460 Oil Pans..  The measurement from the top of the screwin dipstick nut to the bottom of the dipstick tube inside the oil pan is 1 7/16inches.  See photo below.

In summary if you need a screwin dipstick tube for a early 302, 351W or 429/460 6 Quart rear sump oil pan, use any screwin dipstick tube and find a dipstick which will stick through 1 1/8 inch and you will be set. Obviously screwin dipstick tubes can be shortened, but just keep inmind the required overall length of the dipstick…must be 1 1/8 inch longer than your screw in dipstick tube.

The final offering is the measurements on the 302 dipstick for the 6 quart 302 pan. The one quart low mark is exactly 7/8 inch inches above the end of the dipstick while the normal 6 quart level mark is 1 1/4 inch above the end of the dipstick.

Hope this helps out others who find themselves in need of the information…….