Joe Bunetic, 65 Concord Drive, Fair View Heights, Illinois 62208 618 397-3580 (Home) 618 402-5062 (Cell) Contact Joe for availability and pricing. Not on the internet.  Please give me a call days or evenings. Joe does Text on his mobile.
Specializing in Shelby, BOSS, F.E., & Windsor Ford Carburetors
Holley Carburetors/Assemblies, bought–sold-rebuilt/restored
Prices dependent on condition of parts to be rebuilt
Specialized Holley Rebuilding Consisting of:
Plane main body gasket surfaces Acid dipping to remove dirt & sediment Re-coloring of carburetor Replacement of lost or damaged parts Installation of new kits Bases glass beaded & tumble polished Throttle shafts bushed Power valve protectors installed Removal & replacement of brass plugs & emulsion tubes in metering blocks for through cleaning of internal passages Single carbs or complete 6V/8V assemblies rebuilt to like new condition Restoration of Assemblies includes:
Glass beading of intake Complete rebuilding of carbs Re-plating of linkage if necessary Replacement of hoses & clamps Dual Quad(8V) carburetors available in pairs from 450 to 850CFM
FE 6V assemblies available

Windsor 6V Assemblies Available

“M” Series FE 6V assemblies including all parts now available

FE 6V Carb spacer sets, light brown phonelic now available

Joe Bunetic is looking to buy/wanted:

Holley 2V carbs with 103, 107 or 122 throttle blades Holley List 7448 carburetors Holley list(s) 1848, 4548, 4345, 4609, 3977, 4239, 4224 4V carburetors Holley List 3113 with “Ford” levers 4V carburetors Holley Metering blocks 4224, 4752, 5433, 5673, 5812 Holley List 3V carburetors 4779 Any  interesting Holley Carburetors Contact :

Joe Bunetic, 65 Concord Drive, Fairview Heights, Il 62208 618 397-3580 Contact Joe for availability and pricing. Not on the internet…..Please give me a call days or evenings

FORD 429SCJ 6V Carburetion-List 4782/83 Carburetors